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What is content marketing mean to tradesman?

I’m glad you asked that question because a lot of tradesmen miss this as a trick.
Content marketing, when I’m talking to electricians in particular I talk to them about creating an ‘expert position’ so they are deemed to be, or seem to be, the expert locally I what they do.
The way I encourage them to do that is to create training sheets, not for other electricians but for the public, to explain things like earth bonding, your consumer unit or an RCD. Rather than trying to stand and explain that to a customer, if you can create that in the form of a help sheet or a PDF download document and regularly blog on different topics that will educate the general public as to what you do. By the very fact that you are seen as educating them, you increase your expert positioning and that to me is what content marketing is about.
It’s not about trying to sell your services, it’s about trying to engage with the public and engage with your potential customers by teaching them, by explaining things to them. Content marketing, to me, can take a number of different forms. It can be a blog, it can be a PDF download document (what in some circles could be called ‘lead bate’) or even to use videos. Particularly for YouTube, again another free resource to use videos to explain things to your customers so that when they come across you online, when they come across your content online, they start to see that you know what you’re talking about, you know your business, you know your industry and you’ve been a helpful guy. When you’ve been the guy that’s explained to them how to put up a light fitting, you’ve been the guy to explain why they need to put up their consumer unit for example, then when they need somebody to come and do a small job they’re going to look the person that’s been helpful.
Again, blogging, creating videos, putting together small PDF help sheets; are all free to do. They’re areas of marketing that a lot of tradesmen miss out on, and I think in some cases it because they’re afraid to stick their head above the parapet. They’re afraid to be seen on YouTube or afraid to out a document out there with their name on it, it’s a fantastic free marketing tool that the general public lap up.

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