Tradesman Insurance

Unsure if you need Tradesman Insurance? Watch our short video which explains what tradesman insurance is, who needs it and the type of cover that is available.


Why do I need Tradesman insurance?

Standard Tradesman Insurance provides public liability to cover
you against third party claims for accidental damage caused to property, or injury to individuals.

But if you have employees, expensive tools or equipment, keep lots of stock,

Or have your own machinery, equipment, temporary buildings and site huts,

Then you’re going to need extra cover.

Let’s run through what’s available.

Employer’s Liability Insurance

If you have employees, then legally you’ll need Employers’ Liability Insurance.

If one of your employees gets injured and you’re found responsible,

Then you’ll need to be covered.

Tools and business equipment cover

If your tools are a vital part of your business,

Then it could cost you money,

If they get damaged or stolen

Thankfully, insurance is available to cover the cost of replacing or repairing your tools.

Business stock cover

And, if you have lots of business stock, such as bricks or tiles,

Then you need to cover them against damage or theft.

Own Plant cover

Own Plant cover insures your own machinery, equipment, temporary buildings and site huts against theft and accidents

Hired in Plant cover

When you hire equipment from a hire company, they may might provide insurance for the equipment.

But if not you’ll need a separate extension to cover damage or theft of hired in plant items,

Whether it’s construction machinery like cement mixers,

Temporary buildings or site huts.

Contract Works cover

If you’re contracted for a particular task,

Like building an extension or fitting a bathroom,

And it gets damaged or destroyed before completionits finished.

Contract Works Insurance will cover for the cost of material and labour to reinstate fix the damage to where you were before,

And don’t forget if you get Direct Line for Business Public Liability insurance, you’ll get an electronic Public Liability certificate immediately,

So you can get on with your job.