Online vs. offline for tradesmen with James Dewane

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Video transcript:

What is more important, online or offline marketing?

I think they are equally as important, particularly when someone’s starting out in a new business. They will need to use some very cost effective methods of getting their message out there. When you’re starting out your budget in terms of advertising or marketing can be very low. So using both online and offline methods, combining your digital marketing with the likes of flyers, leaflets, letters magazine advertising and networking can be as important as using the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Facebook advertising, SEO, a website. The important thing is when you’re a fresh new business starting out is to watch those costs . It’s all too easy for us to go after the bright shiny objects, spend a lot of money on developing, or paying designers for big flashy websites, when in fact a small self-made website might actually be as relevant in the early stages.
The very same for leaflets, flyers and broachers. When doing these offline methods, people can spend a lot of money with designers on material that would be less effective than something you could actually produce quite cheaply yourself at home. So I think a combination, using both methods in conjunction with one another, is the best way forward.

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