Harper ATTACKS the Working Class – Tradesmen, Seasonal Workers and the Unemployed

Bill C-38, “the Ominous Bill”, has passed the House. This will affect YOU in ways that you probably don’t yet realize. I’ll go into the environmental impacts of this bill in a feature video.

This was recorded with my new microphone, so it should sound better. I may still be talking too close to the mike though lol


B Windsor-Detroit bridge deal struck

Tory EI reforms to have biggest impact on seasonal workers

EI reform a ‘direct attack’ says Shellfish association

Workers’ EI history to affect claim under new rules

Kelly McParland: Parks Canada told to stick to the bears and leave out the politics

Bill C-38: Harper Conservatives Look To Scrap Fair Wages Act In Omnibus Budget Bill (Attacks in Tradesmen)

Peter Mansbridge Interviews Stephen Harper (with restraint) on the global meltdown

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