A Video Guide to Gas Fitters Insurance

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Getting great quality and affordable insurance is always a top priority. This video guide to gas fitters insurance talks you through the important liability features, as well as some of the optional ones too so you can better understand what you might need.

Gas fitters Insurance: Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Lorna and I’m an advisor for Towergate.
In this video we’re going to talk about the main features of a gas fitters insurance policy.

Gas fitting insurance is a business and liability insurance package designed for tradesman of gas appliance and systems.

In such a skilled and regimented industry you want to be confident you have the right insurance but at the same time no one wants to pay for extra cover they don’t need. So whether you’re simply required to have public liability as part of a commercial contract or you have a team of employees and a full liability package, we can provide insurance tailored to the levels you need.

So for quoting new jobs,
Consulting on larger projects,
Repairing and installing gas systems
Or installing gas appliances
We have an insurance solution that’s right for you
Even if gas fitting is just one of the trades you work in, we can cover your risks.

Gas fitters public liability insurance

Public liability insurance for gas fitters covers you against compensation claims should a member of the public, or one of your customers receive an injury or experience loss or damage of their property, as a result of negligence by you or your business.

Employer’s liability for gas fitters

If you have employees other than yourself or your family members, whether they are full-time, part or freelance, you are usually required by law to have employer’s liability. You may not have employees at present and obviously in this case you won’t need employer’s liability cover in place. However, should you ever grow your business to the point where you take on employees, you will simply need to call our team and have this cover added to your policy.

Product liability insurance for gas fitters

If you make, repair or sell any products you may also need product liability. This covers you for injury or damage to another person or their property as a direct result of a faulty product.

Remember, if you don’t yet have any need for certain covers you won’t have to pay for them. Speak with an advisor about what you need, and allow them to tailor a policy to your business. That way you only pay for the cover that’s necessary.

Tools and stock cover

If you want to cover your tools we can add them to your policy too. Even if you leave them on site or in a vehicle overnight, as long as you can lock them up securely, tools insurance can be provided.
Simply let your advisor know the amount of cover you need during your quote and we will be able to adjust your policy accordingly.
And contract works insurance

This is cover for your on-going jobs. Before you have finished a project and handed over to the customer, if something holds up or damages the site, you may be liable. The costs will therefore have to be absorbed by you. You can include contract works insurance as part of your gas fitters insurance policy, just let us know to add it during your quote.

There are quite a few other options for gas fitters insurance too, so browse our site for more info or give one of our advisors a call on the number on the screen.

A Video Guide to Carpenters Insurance

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Get to grips with what makes Carpenters insurance so vital to your carpentry business. Our helpful video explains why public and employers liability insurance is a vital business protections and why you might want to cover your tools

Carpenters Insurance: Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Lorna and I’m an advisor for Towergate.
In this video we’re going to talk about the main features of a carpenter’s insurance policy.

So what exactly is it?
Carpenters insurance is a group of different types of insurance that are specific to your profession as a carpenter. It can then be tailored to your needs with the right combinations and levels of protection.

It can cover you for most types of carpentry work including

• Cabinet making and joinery
• Surveying or quoting
• Large public contracts and private jobs
• And even if you diversify in your business and do other work like painting or repairing you can still be covered for these.

Carpenters liability insurance

Liability insurance comes in different sizes and types, depending on what you need, but most carpenters insurance will include some form of liability insurance.

Public liability insurance

This protects the public against injury or loss as a result of your business. So for example if someone is injured by a falling ladder.
Level of cover can vary but most options are between one and 10 million pounds dependant on your needs.

Employers liability
If you have employees, you have a legal duty of care to have protection for their benefit in place. Employers’ liability insurance for a carpenter is just this and protects your staff against similar perils to public liability.

And product liability
Any products you create or sell should be protected with product liability insurance. If an item is faulty and causes an injury – this insurance is what will keep you protected against a claim on you or your business.

After liability there are various other covers which can be added or removed, or raised or lowered at any time. They include

Tools cover
Your business equipment is usually vital to a carpenter and therefore you can choose to insure against theft. Even if you hire the equipment, you may still want insurance, especially for the more expensive items.

We can include your specialist woodworking equipment and even employee’s tools as long as they are locked secure, even in your van or on site, you can find a policy that will cover how you work.

One thing to watch out for is that fixed equipment may not be covered as this would be expected to be covered on the insurance for your premises. This is the case with Towergate for example, but if you have a workshop we can combine your carpentry insurance with a business premises policy, as simply as if they were the same policy!

And Contract works
Contracts work covers on-going work. So for example a fire or storm cause damage to materials on site. The turn-over of your company is what insurers generally use to determine the size of your business and what level of cover they can provide for things like this.

So for more advice on carpenters insurance give us a call directly or browse the site for more videos and guides.

A Video Guide to Plumbers Insurance

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Our video guide to plumbers insurance discusses all the important liability insurances a plumbing business may need as well as various options covers that can be included as you need. Keep your plumbing business protected with the best plumbing insurance.

Plumbers Insurance: Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Lorna and I’m an advisor for Towergate.
In this video we’re going to talk about the main features of a plumbers insurance policy.

Plumbers insurance from Towergate provides liability and business protection for plumbers based in the UK. Regardless of the size or turn-over, or structure of your business, the service can be tailored to your exact needs and risks meaning you cover the risks you face and don’t pay for what you don’t need.

As a UK plumber, our service can cover you for:

• fitting and repairing plumbing systems and most general plumbing work
• Surveying, quoting or consulting
• Private plumbing work, as well as public and council contracts.
• We can even provide you with cover if you diversify into other trades, such as gas fitting or carpentry.

Plumbing liability insurance

In such a regimented and highly skilled line of work, liability insurance is one of the most important covers for your business.
And Towergate will put together a package of covers that can include:

Public liability insurance for plumbers

An injury or loss to a member of the public as a result of your business could result in a claim being brought against you. Public liability insurance can cover these costs. You can set the amount of cover you need, and if you need to raise the limit say, to take on a public contract, you just need to call.

Employers liability for plumbers

Most businesses who have any staff, be they full, time part time, contracted or even un-paid, you are legally required to have employers liability insurance. If an employee was to be hurt while performing their job you could again be liable. Not only is it then a legal responsibility, but also a duty of care as an employer to provide adequate protection for you staff.

And product liability for plumbers

Products you use, make or refurbish may need to be protected for faults with product liability. Should someone became injured a claim could be brought against you.

Remember, if you don’t yet have any need for certain covers you won’t have to pay for them, of course, as your business grows or changes, you simply need to call your advisor to increase or decrease limits, or add new covers. It’s that simple.

Tools cover

The tools and parts you use on a daily basis are what allow you to do your job. By simply adding up their value and letting us know we can add tools cover to your policy. This means if they are damaged or stolen you can claim for them to be replaced. So if a complete replacement of all your tools is prohibitively expensive you may want to consider this cover. As long as you can keep them securely locked, where ever you store them when not on your person. We can find a solution that works for you.

And Contract works

Contract works is an important consideration when insuring your business. Liability insurance protects the public, your customers and your staff, but if a fire or storm for instances causes damage to a job you are working on, it is contract works insurance which you would be able to claim against to recover the costs. Further advise is available when deciding to the levels of cover you may need here.

There are quite a few other options too when setting up your plumbers insurance so browse our site for more info or give one of our advisors a call on the number on the screen.

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