What Type of Insurance Is Needed for a Restaurant? : Basic Insurance Advice

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If you’re planning on opening a restaurant there are a few key types of insurance that you’re going to need to get. Find out about the type of insurance that is needed for opening a restaurant with help from a full-time insurance professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Susan Combs
Filmmaker: Alexis Guerreros

Series Description: Basic insurance advice often applies to more than one different type of insurance. Get basic insurance advice with help from a full-time insurance professional in this free video series.

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Veracity Insurance Solutions, LLC is the program administrator and general agent for the ACT Insurance Program. Veracity began focusing on specialty General Liability, Product Liability, and Program Business insurance in 2002. Since then, they have been involved in the creation and ongoing administration of over 20 different association-based and Risk Purchasing Group programs. Located just south of Salt Lake City, UT, Veracity is committed to providing each client the best price and service possible. With over 40,000 small business accounts serviced, Veracity’s team has the experience and expertise necessary to meet your needs.

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